Team Wierd Shit

It all started one balmy day in Los Angeles. A group of strangers found themselves pulled by Fate, via varying circumstances, into a strange liminal space in downtown L.A. Malin was promised a cryptid, who then brought her friend Nemo. Soledad was enticed with information about her missing brother, and Connor was just pulled there by chance. There was another member, Charles, also seemingly pulled by Fate.

Upon entering the space, it stretched and widened and narrowed and they found themselves pulled inexorably forward, into a sort of labyrinth underneath the city itself. The walls were made of aged, burnished copper and looked older than anything in this district.

Moving forward, they were brought through the labyrinth and into a space too large and too open to even be part of the city as they knew it. It was tall and dark and opened on a night sky they weren’t familiar with, and only a single constellation that was recognisable: Orion. In the center was a large tree which housed one of the more esoteric facets of The World and specifically with a creature they knew as the Batsquatch, who didn’t seem to acknowledge them, at least at first.

A few attempts at contact were made, unsuccessfully, and then the Batsquatch flew down from its perch and welcomed them in a deep, booming voice.

The Batsquatch morphed into a very tall, elfin humanoid of indeterminate gender who proceeded to ask the group who they were, since Fate drew them all to its lair in a last resort bid for help. Stunned, the party didn’t have much of a response, which dampened the Batsquatch’s mood considerably. They attempted to dig a little deeper into any information about the group, all while keeping an eye on the sky above.

The only recognisable constellation in the sky would occasionally move, growing larger and larger with each turn of their head. Worry showed on the Batsquatch’s face and they let the party know that their time was at its end, and they needed to get out.

Without much more warning than that, a shining, golden giant appeared in the space and the Batsquatch morphed once again into a giant scorpion who tried to distract the colossus, but to little avail.

Charles was the first casualty, speared in the center by one of the colossus’ arrows, which seemed too large to be real. Trying not to all die, the rest of the survivors made their way out of the space, only to have it close behind them, shunting them back to this side of reality, bright warm streets of Los Angeles.


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