Chalchiuhtlicue – goddess of life sustaining waters, protector of women and children
Huitzilopochtli – blood thirsty god of war, the sun and warriors
Itztlacoliuhqui – god of stone, winter and punishment
Miclántecuhtli – spiteful lord of the dead
Mictecacihuatl – affectionate lady of the dead
Quetzalcoatl – god of positive creativity, helpful trickster
Tezcatlipoca – lord of night, sorcery, royalty and destiny
Tlaloc – rain god
Tlazoltéotl – sin-eater, goddess of filth and purification
Xipe Totec – flayed god of maize and seasons, life-death-rebirth

Pantheon Specific Purview

Itztli – The Atzlanti Purview, granting Scions the ability to perform ritual sacrifices in exchange for power.


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