The old gods are real. They always have been.

In ancient times, the gods interfered in mortal lives directly: famine, flood, natural and supernatural disasters. Titans, enemies of god and man alike, always lurked on the fringes, ready to devour any unsuspecting mortals who happened to wander out of the domains of godly protection. It was to Scions that mortals looked for protection from the supernatural. Half-human descendants of godly trysts, imbued with divine blood and power, it was they who interceded on behalf of mortals, asking for mercy, pity or boons from their godly relatives.

In due time, the gods retreated from the world. The titans were imprisoned due to early Scions, leading to a rapid rise in the power and stretch of man. With men comes conflict, and the gods would be chained by Fate to intervene. To avoid this, the heads of the pantheons met and agreed to leave mankind to its own devices before Fate drew them into pantheon wide wars, or warped their legends beyond all recognition. Most gods retreated to their Overworlds and Underworlds, only visiting the mortal world in human guises.

Despite their accords, the gods have always been compulsive meddlers. Though never quite directly influencing the paths of men or taking direct action against each other, the gods still possessed a means of interfering in human history: their Scions.

Over the millennia since the gods’ retreat, a myriad of Scions have lived and died, most ignorant of their heritage and mythical origins. However, in every generation, a few Scions worldwide received a Visitation from their divine parents, unlocking the power of their Ichor, their divine blood. Prior to the present day, the last conflict involving a large number of active Scions were the two World Wars.

That all changed with a single event – the escape of the titans. In the process of war, the bonds holding the titans loosened, giving just enough freedom to rally their agents, for the titans have their children just as the gods do. In sundering their prison, they not only broke free but they damaged the realms of the Underworlds on the way out.

Titans reentered the Overworld, and after eons of imprisonment, began to wage war on their children, the gods. This war stretches across the heavens and on planes unremembered by mankind, but the titans are also reseeding their agents on the moral plane, seducing humans into titan worshiping cults, destroying places of power for the gods. In response, the gods have begun Visiting their Scions in greater number and arming them with mighty Birthrights that they may stop the Titanspawn from establishing a beachhead in the World.

Though humanity has long since tamed all but the most mystical or remote and dangerous areas of the world, the return of the Titans and then unleashing of their monstrous spawn represents a threat beyond the ken of mortal men. Only Scions are equipped to handle such threats, once again resuming the mantle of guardian and guide, shaping and protecting humanity.

Spawn of the gods, nemeses of Titans, protectors of humanity, Scions are all this and more. That’s where you come in, Hero.