Jarilo, the son of Perun, was taken away at birth and raised instead by Perun’s rival, Veles in the Underworld. It is Jarilo in the Underworld who brings spring to the dead and keeps Irij as a bright, vibrant place. However, once a year, Jarilo slips away from Veles and returns to the World, bringing with him spring and everything associated with it. He is the lover of Morena, though his habit of infidelity is inevitably what earns him her ire and lands him back in the Underworld. Jarilo is also a skilled warrior, reaping his enemies the way one might reap wheat.

Due to the training of his foster-father, his relationship with his real father, Perun, is rather strained, especially given Perun’s new position as outcast from his own throne. Plus, anyone who’s smart usually doesn’t go out of their way to forge a trusting relationship with Veles. As such, the lack of a father figure in Jarilo’s life has left him rather directionless, which shows in his lack of ability to take responsibility for his actions. Still a spoiled child at heart, the god of spring is always on the look out for a pretty face to pass some time with.

Thanks to this fact, the Scions of Jarilo are many and varied, coming from all walks of life. About the only thing they have in common is that their mother could catch the eye of the spring god during their youth. Jarilo himself however prefers mortal guises in the field of agriculture and farming. Whether he is an agricultural scientist, a simple farm hand or even the mechanic of the thresher machine, he’s often found near and around farmland. However, he may also occasionally be found mowing down his enemies in various battlefields. Yet even as a soldier, he is always a simple farm boy far from home.

Abilities: Athletics, Fortitude, Marksmanship, Melee, Science, Survival
Epic Attributes: Epic Charisma, Epic Stamina
Purviews: Animal (Horse), Duality, Fertility, War


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