Mokosh is one of the oldest deities of the Bogovi, though not everyone knows that. She has been worshiped and petitioned since before recorded myth, as the fertile goddess of moist earth. One would bury offerings and ask for blessings through holes in the ground, where it was easiest to commune with Mokosh.

While she held dominion of the ground and all that sprang forth from it, as time moved on, she grew closer and closer to fertility in the human sense; at times Mokosh takes the form of men because she claims dominion over all human fertility, not just the womb. With the general domestication of people and introduction of industry, she became the ruler of women: health and well-being, of the crafts of women and guardian of those in childbirth. Her ancient roots show through in that her crafts include weaving, and she can read the skein of fate as easily as she can craft household goods.

Motherly at times, she has never forgotten her roots as a goddess too great for form and one that needed to be pleased to withhold natural disasters. She is also wise enough to recognise the need for followers in the modern age, and is a huge benefactor for the recent rise of Slavic paganism in her homeland.

A wanderer by nature, she especially likes to play the part of the old crone who blesses and curses interchangeably. She’s also been a fertility doctor, a naturalist advocating a homesteading life, a feminism lobbyist and a miner who would secretly sabotage the best veins. Her scions tend to be protectors, both of the natural world and of people, but they all have a similar hearkening to a darker part of their nature. As such, scions of Mokosh can be terrible in their vengeance, benevolent in their work, and the strongest are those than can find balance between both sides.

Abilities: Craft, Empathy, Fortitude, Medicine, Occult, Survival
Epic Attributes: Stamina, Intelligence
Purviews: Duality, Earth, Fertility, Health, Prophecy


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