The feminine aspect of Dievas, she is also in many ways his opposite. Where Dievas is the life and the potential of growth from the earth, Morena is where the life returns to so that it can once again become that potential. Dievas protects the world and tries to bring goodness, while Morena cares more for the dead whose souls she harvests to send to Irij. Yet at the same time, she is also the goddess of the harvest, showing as well the fertility of the earth and the state to which all life returns to when its time is passed.

The ritual wife of Jarilo, Morena serves to return him to the underworld each year when she inevitably finds him cheating on her behind her back with some other pretty face. This loveless marriage she seems trapped in has only helped to spur on her bitterness, and given her something of a self image problem. Hardly ugly, it is always Morena’s beauty which draws Jarilo back to her each year, yet watching her husband lust after others has affected the goddess of reaping’s self esteem. It’s something which she readily takes out on others, especially during the harsh winter months when the number of deaths may increase from exposure to the harsh Russian elements.

It is this bitterness which Veles was able to play on in order to convince Morena that she was better off without Dievas. Playing on her desire for vengeance toward her husband and all other men who would treat their women so, Veles convinced her that she would have much more time to ensure that Jarilo suffered properly if she did not have to share her time with Dievas all the time. To ensure that her anger would grow to heights enough to keep Morena in her rage for decades, he even arranged for Jarilo to find and fall in love with another woman even BEFORE meeting with Morena that year. It was a particularly harsh winter then, as the ritual marriage with the two deities didn’t occur. For the first time in centuries, there was no love between Jarilo and Morena and her rage at this has even now not gone away. However, it has cooled enough to allow her to again restart the cycle with Dievas (much to Veles’ annoyance since he could manipulate her). He cannot manipulate Dievas in the same way, and Dievas is most assuredly allied with Perun while Morena was malleable.

Morena tends to be more occupied with the actual people associated with the land than the land and crops themselves, unlike her husband. She moves among the people as a farmer’s daughter, looking for a traveler to show her a good time. Or she could be a prostitute, ready to harvest some cash from a wealthy business man. She may also be found as the lonely house wife, looking for a good time to get back at her cheating husband. Also, like Jarilo, she finds herself drawn to conflict. However, she serves not by killing and reaping, but by harvesting the bodies (and souls) of the people who died. She works as a battlefield medic who’s always just a little too late, or in the coroner’s office, cleaning up crime scenes and accident sites.

Her Scions tend to be similarly inclined, serving in similar professions, always dealing better with the dead than the living. While they are not adverse to relationships, they tend to fall for the wrong people, letting themselves be used by their significant others, only to find the relationship turning sour fast.

Abilities: Command, Integrity, Medicine, Occult, Presence, Survival
Epic Attributes: Dexterity, Appearance
Purviews: Death, Duality, Fertility, Frost, Mystery, Psychopomp


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