Character Creation

Building a Hero

It starts with one thing: a concept. In game terms, it’s called their Calling. What did they do before their Visitation? It’s in the nature of Scions to have careers and lifestyles that hint at the purviews of their divine parents.

These are the pantheons to choose from. Individual gods could be any that you find! If you have one who isn’t represented but still fits snugly into one of these pantheons, let me know and we’ll make it happen for you!


Pesedjet – The gods of Ancient Egypt

Dodekatheon – The gods of Greek mythology

Aesir – The gods of Norse mythology

Atzlánti – The gods of the Aztec civilization

Amatsukami – The Shinto gods of Japan

Loa – The god-spirits of the Vodou religion

Tuatha Dé Danann – The gods of Ancient Ireland

Celestial Bureaucracy – The gods and immortals of China

Deva – The gods of India

Yazata – The gods of Ancient Persia

Nemetondevos – The ancient Celtic gods of Gaul

Bogovi – The Slavic gods

Here’s a link to the Scion Quick Reference Sheet which should give you lots of information on how to put in dots.

Character Creation

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